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Outstanding in all of the following areas:

-Planning practical solutions to ICT issues
-Co-operation and collaboration to solve problems and to assist with Network strategies
-Ability to work with all members of staff no matter what their role may be
-ICT knowledge and technical expertise
-Attention to requests - never too much trouble for Tech24 staff
-Extremely trustworthy


Judith Nel - Principal Parkside School





Francois has impressed us with his knowledge of computer systems and software.  He is organised, reliable and an excellent trouble shooter.

Francois has created positive working relationships with all staff with his quiet patient manner.

Francois is a born teacher. If anyone can improve my computer skills, they must be good!!!

Francois goes that extra mile to get us the best deals.  He must save us a fortune over the year.

If Francois doesn't know the answer he will go away and research the answer.

Francois is happy (willing) to share his knowledge with our staff.  Many teachers have been upskilled in the area of IT as they have had the opportunity to work beside Francois.

Francois is a member of our IT team.  He has guided us in purchases and helped us to become a lead school in this field.

I would recommend Francois and his company most highly.  He is building a team of skilled people around him.  He understands the IT requirements of a school and the practical use of computers in the classroom context.


Diane Hankins - Principal Sommerville School, Auckland

You are always very happy to help me at the drop of a hat.

Liz Allan -  AP Sunnydene School, MT Roskill



The IT needs and requirements of our growing school have been met in a professional manner.


Sandra Snowden - Parkside School



It is all very well having an ICT person to fix problems but having a person who has teaching background in special needs is very important for understanding the school’s ICT needs.


Christine Devenie - Sommerville School


The school is using technology more efficiently and effectively for administrative and educational purposes.

Corey Busfield - Sommerville School

Know how to work in a school environment. Good at planning/long-term strategies

John  Mckeown -  Sunnydene School


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